The MLB Mock Draft Database Makes My Head Spin


As you know,

the Pittsburgh Pirates have the first pick in the MLB First-Year Player Draft Monday night.  The pressure not to jack it up is almost overwhelming with no clear cut number one stepping forward.

Don’t believe me, just take a look at the most comprehensive, up-to-date database of MLB Mock Drafts in existence (they have 34 up now and counting.) The great team at DC Pro Sports Report has been putting them together for over 12 years.

Prepare to have your brain tossed a little bit.

Do the Pirates go with $13 million dollar man Danny Hultzen, his seemingly limited ceiling, but near ready left arm?

Why not go with stud high school arm Dylan Bundy who has a connection to Neal Huntington?  The wait might kill Pirates fans, but could buy time for the Bucs, because it seems there is no quick fix to the current state of affairs.  This kid has serious talent, but would seem to be a shocker for the Pirates at 1/1.

Anthony Rendon?  We heard on the radio tonight  that his medical reports are out, but the skeptics remain.  The power has dipped, but is it injury related?  He was the overwhemling number one before his college season at Rice started.  Won’t the reward outweigh the risks?  It would seem to be short sighted to ignore all of the accolades Rendon has earned.   If the Pirates take Rendon, it will mean one thing, they did a ton of homework and a little bit of dice rolling.

Gerritt Cole is a workhorse that has lacked the production many dreamed coming into the season.  Some say Cole might never reach that ace level status that some see him becoming one day.  Whispers abound that Cole might be best suited as a reliever.  Take a deep breath and shake those visions of Danny Moskos.

Why not take….well, you get the picture.  It’s a crucial decision that faces the Pirates.

A multi-million dollar decision.

Hell, no wonder the Pirates aren’t leaking any information from their cave deep inside Bradenton, Florida.  They can’t possibly be in agreement on their decision.

The Pirates have just one pick to make on Monday night.  The players in the draft have done nothing to make themselves the clear top pick.  Let’s trust the Pirates brass has sorted through the cloudy crystal ball, because missing on number one is a thought I don’t even want to consider.

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