Pittsburgh Pirates Draft Recap: Gerrit Cole Headed To BucTown


Gerrit Cole

spoke with the media and here is what he had to say from Kristy Robinson:

Cole gives a shoutout to the fans? We’re unbelievable. Work it Gerrit.

Neal Huntington has history on players like Cole.  It’s hard not to look at the Cole bio and think the guy has each and everything a team would want in  a one/one pick.

There is no question Cole looks the part.  Everyone loves to point to the statistics Cole didn’t put up with UCLA.  Huntington chases it all away with the ‘he’s physical/down the road comment:’

Two other things seem obvious:

Pirates GM Neal Huntington wants to get Cole signed and the quotes below show that posturing immediately. We will see how interested Scott Boras is in doing the same. Let the waiting begin. But there is no question that Cole signs. We have serious doubts it will happen before the deadline.

Huntington also mentioned about Cole’s ability to learn. We have to think some serious teaching is coming Cole’s way.

See what you think of Huntington’s comments.

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It will be interesting to see when Cole heads to the Burgh for the dog and pony.