Pirates Fall 7-0 At Point Break


The Pittsburgh Pirates Kevin Correia was

cruising.  Perfect.  But he got little help from his teammates in the way of run support.  The right hander who was chasing the league lead in wins watched his perfection eventually end.  It vanished….like a virgin on prom night.

The New York Mets made him and the Bucs pay cruising to victory by a touchdown that would have made Johnny Utah proud.

We intended on doing a recap for you, but this one really pissed me off.  Especially when Matt Diaz got tossed just now by Bob Davidson.

There is no point in doing that.  Diaz is a veteran.  Barking from the bench after he had such a poor performance just sets me off.  Number one, you didn’t take the bat off your shoulder Matt.  Number two, your poor outfield play is your own fault not that of the home plate umpire.  Three, it reflects poorly on your team down the road and for that there is no excuse.  I wish Jeff Banister would have drop kicked you in the back instead of tapping you on the waist to tell you to leave the dugout.

Please get it together Diaz.  The mirror would be a good place to start.

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