Pittsburgh Pirates Starring In Brother Clint Hurdle’s Traveling Salvation Show


Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies cause everyone goes.

Everyone knows.


Brother Clint Hurdle’s Traveling Salvation Show.

If there is one man who epitomises a revival preacher, the type that spit fire and brimstone, it’s definently Pittsburgh Pirates skipper Clint Hurdle.

Hurdle is flamboyant in an aww shucks kind of way. He’s riveting.  Honest.  Direct.  One could even imagine when Hurdle’s baseball days are done, he might take to the road with a ragged tent.  We can picture his stage attire and faith healing act now.

We can envision it, because in some strange way, Hurdle has done exactly that for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Hurdle has done that for the fanbase.  Talkshows are filled with fans hopping on the bandwagon and returning to the ragged tent known as PNC Park.  Brother Hurdle has eased the rough times for the Pittsburgh Pirates and their fans.

When Hurdle set up that tent in Pittsburgh, every ear in town was on him.  He started soft and slow… like a small earthquake.

He calmly told us he would reconnect the fanbase with their baseball club.  Powerful words from a man taking over a 105 loss team.  They were words that just like Neil Diamonds lyrics said made half a valley shake.  Words that hit home with some, but the only shake the non believers felt was with their head, because 18 years of suffering would kill a normal town.

As Neil Diamond talks about in the first video below, around the 4:18 mark, he had doubts years ago when he walked into Brother Love’s Salvation show.  Just as many Pirates fans had doubts when Hurdle rolled into town.  How in the world could this one man reconnect Pittsburgh with the Pirates?

Get the hell out of here old man.  He thought he could get this town fired up about the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2011?  What a freaking joke.  It seemed impossible.

But many of us were curious.  The more fans heard it the more some believed.  The more some doubted.  But a carefully crafted sentence like Hurdle’s that is directed at a once proud fanbase, and delivered in such a convincing fashion can sting a little.

It caught our attention.  It was words that he didn’t back them up would have choked the one-time Sports Illustrated coverboy in this town.   But Brother Hurdle knows what he is doing.  He sat more than a few people up in their church pew with what he has accomplished in a short amount of time.  If it continues is anyone’s guess, the odds certainly don’t side with the Bucs with so much talent sidelined with injuries.

So many fans have searched for answers with the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Club.  How the team is two games over five hundred today, is remarkable.  A miracle some might say.  And most of us find ourselves pulling for Hurdle now.  He has done something with this team.

Tonight in Cleveland, Ohio, it’s Brother Love’s show once again and if all of these road wins keep piling up like this, even the non-believers are going to be converted soon.

Hit it Neil Diamond…[cue up to 4:18, crank the volume, hit repeat]

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From the movie Lost & Found where the inspiration for this madness began. Thanks to my hotter than hell wife Lori for keeping me in front of the tv long enough to see it…

Here is the short song only version….