Being A Dad Is Great


When I think about how lame Father’s Day is – compared to the world-stopping celebration known as Mother’s Day – it pisses me off.  A little bit.

Who am I kidding?  Who would listen, anyway?  Women always have to have the bigger party.  But seriously, being a Dad is great.  A big celebration isn’t needed.  All it takes is a quick look through some photos to realize being a father is rewarding enough all on it’s own.

I get to coach baseball and see my son destroy baseballs and sprint past me in the coaches box on his way to another double.  I get to see  another player on the Bobcats, Trevor Uphold, smiling the biggest smile in the world before he flicks those wrists and gets another hit.

Damn, it’s fun being a ball coach!  It’s a blast being called “Dad.”  A lot of you know that already.  I’m discovering it more and more everyday.

Who cares if  I didn’t get breakfast in bed this morning?  Fatherhood is much better, anyway.


Don’t forget about our Father’s Day Contest because you can win Dad a 1960 World Series DVD…

Sure, getting your Dad a tie is really stupid nice. But how about getting him something he really wants?

We have you covered.

There is just one catch, of course. You knew there’d be a catch. In the comments below, give us a short story/something funny about your Dad and baseball. Easy. ates. If you have two really cool ones, go ahead and post them both. We have two judges ready to be the heart-breakers and decide our winners.

Thanks to our sponsor, we have three DVD sets for the winners that will be awarded on Father’s Day.

Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball’s Greatest Games: 1960 World Series, Game 7 DVD Set.

On October 13, 1960 the Pittsburgh Pirates completed one of the most unlikely upsets in World Series history. It was a classic, tense Game 7 marked by heroics, lead changes, and a stunning home run from “Maz.”

Direct from the Major League Baseball Archives, this rare and extraordinary television broadcast has been restored for this remarkable DVD presentation. It is the quintessential making of a Fall Classic hero, an iconic moment, and one unforgettable baseball game.

DISC 1: Original television broadcast of 1960 World Series Game 7, plus alternative radio play-by-play

DISC 2: 1960 World Series Film


Now get busy. And if you still give Dad the tie and keep the DVD, we won’t tell.

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