Pirates Jeff Karstens Keeps Giving The Bucs Chances To Win


The Pittsburgh Pirates offense scored four runs in Cleveland.

Getting runners on base wasn’t a problem, but plating them was an entirely different story today as it has been in the past ten games. The Pirates had another solid outing from Jeff Karstens and it’s such a shame to give games away.

With such poor run production, it seems absolutely silly to have Pedro Ciriaco on the roster for this series. He is a phone call away, it’s still baffling to me. Is Hurdle seriously going to pull the trigger on making something happen for this team to score some runs or just piss away solid outing after solid outing?

Having insurance is great when your dead or have an accident, it just seems such a passive alternative when the team is a run or two away from stealing four or five games.  And when and if Ciriaco does get on the field, how in the world is he going to be sharp?   He is simply rotting on the bench in an Aflac costume waiting for some infielder to get busted up….ok.

Jeff Karstens gave his heart and soul on the mound today. Watching him whiff Sizemore with his slow curveball repeatedly was pure heaven. But watching Dusty Brown is pure hell at times.

So is giving games away because you can’t muster offense.  In the past eleven games, the Bucs have averaged just over two runs per game. Despite the sweep, the Bucs are four back of the NL Central leaders.  Yet, somehow we can’t help but want more.

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