MLB Greatest Games: Winning Stories in the Fathers Day Contest


The winners of the 1960

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October 1988- Game One of the World Series, Dodgers vs. A’s… I was a 13 year old Little League All Star, and my dad was my coach. We bonded over baseball, as we still do today. I watched the first seven innings in the living room with my dad. Saying he had to get up early the next morning, Dad turned in early. I stayed up to see how the first game would unfold. Heading into the 9th, the Dodgers trailed by one with Oakland’s ace, Dennis Eckersly in to close things out. The excitement continued to build, with Eck walking Mike Davis in a 1-run game. (Eckersley NEVER walked a leadoff hitter). Then, in Roy Hobbs fashion, the injured Kirk Gibson was called upon to pinch hit for Alejandro Pena. I couldn’t believe Dad was missing this historic match up. When Gibby’s one-handed swing deposited an Eckersley slider into the right field stands, giving the Dodgers an impossible victory, I jumped out of my seat, looking for someone to tell me I wasn’t dreaming- but I was alone. Given the historical significance of the event, I figured Dad wouldn’t mind being awoken, just for a minute. I rushed up the steps and flung open his bedroom door and shouted to my dad. Later, I was thankful that my teenage eyes weren’t able to immediately focus through the darkened room, to what was occurring inside. I remember Mom and Dad, each with an embarrassed sound to their voices, yelling for me to shut the door.
Dad and I never spoke of what I saw the night of game one. I don’t believe we even talked about the ending to the game itself. But every time I see the replay of Kirk Gibson tipping his cap as he rounds second base, I’m reminded of that night.


I was in Junior league, about 14 years old. A teammate of mine made an error in the previous inning and as we were returning to the dugout he for some reason punted his glove toward the dugout… The coach (my dad) just so happened to be walking by and BAM hits him right in the jewels. As if that wasn’t bad enough, my mother, sitting in the nearby bleachers, joking yells out “There goes my night!” Everyone thought it was hilarious… except me.

Talk about an all-time embarrassing moment. At least I can laugh about it now


Growing up, my parents were self employed and never really got to play catch with my dad. He was always working in his store. Well early one Sunday morning I convince him to toss the ball back and forth, because it was a slow morning. In front of the store, there were 6 huge 4′x 8′ windows, so he missed the ball and it goes into the grass where the grass is still wet from dew and doesn’t wipe the ball off. He throws it to me, well tries to at least, and the ball gets out of hand and goes through one of the huge windows. So we spend the next hour cleaning the glass up and putting a giant plyboard there. Several hundred dollars later, the window is replaced later that week. That was the last time I ever played catch with my dad lol


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