Pittsburgh Pirates Diet Caffeine


The Pittsburgh Pirates

will be back in action tomorrow.  But you know that.  Good luck finding shitt to do today.   We have:

Watched all the games left in Tivo.

Watched McKenry’s homerun so much that the F5 key fell off.

We know truly believe that the d in D’Arnaud’s jersey really is an upside down p.

Losing my mind Pirates fans, losing my mind.  Give me some baseball.

A few links for you this morning.  None especially exciting.   We saw that the Pirates signed two players, Pearce and Tabata are doing rehab, and Matt Hague sounded good during the AAA All-Star game, but didn’t have a hit.

Enjoy your baseball-less day everyone.

Skeptic vs. Believer at Sporting News

Like to gamble? A 35-37 record snaps the streak, but that won’t be enough for many Pirates fans this season.

One of the best Pirates recaps from Jen Langosch:

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