Pittsburgh Pirates Caffeine: Humble and Hungry


There is one thing

that is great about the Pittsburgh Pirates bandwagon.  Everyone is jumping on and articles like this are a joy to read.  Especially when you’re a diehard Buccos fan and Clint Hurdle is dropping quotes like this one….

"“Try hard?” Hurdle said. “That’s like grits with breakfast in the South: It just comes with the deal. This isn’t a try-hard league. This is a do-good league. You don’t go up when you do well here. You stay here until you stink, and you figure out how to do well again.”"

Big League Stew predicts the Bucs to have a winning season among their mid season predictions

The Pirates third round pick Alex Dickerson has been inked. Love it. Let’s trust he can provide a spark to the Bucs low minors system that is dying for some offensive production.

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