Pittsburgh Pirates Caffeine: Bob Nutting Media Darling


The Pittsburgh Pirates

owner, The Dollar General, must have a sore jaw from talking so much.  The guy is everywhere.

Some feel it’s his due reward.  We really don’t.  It’s getting silly.

In one of the latest interviews Bob Nutting conducted he took me back with one of his comments.  It actually pissed us off the more we thought about it.  Nutting says that he hopes Neal Huntington isn’t focusing on his contract.  Hilarious.

"I hope it’s not something Neal is intently focused on. —-Bob Nutting on Neal Huntington’s contract"

Why would a man with a family be concerned about his livelihood?

Many can speculate that Huntington has been told that he is good for two more years, or whatever.  Why not just come out and stand behind Huntington?   It pisses me off.  I’m done now.


The video is disabled by WTAE, so you must click the link and watch on YouTube.  The question regarding contracts comes up around 4:10.

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