Pirates Caffeine: Clint Hurdle Interviews, Funny Typo


Clint Hurdle

is making the media rounds lately.  We saw a few interviews and wanted you to see the links below.   We warn you he might discuss bunting.

But turning serious for just a moment.  If you read the paragraph below carefully….it’s clipped from the article what word stands out to you? 

"Clint Hurdle joined ESPN Radio Dallas with Galloway and Company to talk about the surprising play of the Steelers so far,what he thinks has turned around with his team, whether there are any similarities to other teams he has been with in the past, and how fun he is having with the city embracing this team."

Pretty funny stuff right? The Steelers…?  Nobody even caught the typo.  Anyway, enjoy the interview.  There is an audio link at the bottom so you can hear everything.

"Clipped from: sportsradiointerviews.com (share this clip) ~~~~~~~~~~~~We like this interview just because of the Hurdlisms…Follow RumBunter on Twitter"