Pedro Watch: Day One, El Toro Rises


The Pittsburgh Pirates

have Pedro Alvarez in AAA. Do you ever get the feeling Pedro Alvarez is not happy to be in Indianapolis? We think it’s starting to show.

He hit another bomb last night.  A two run shot and had an RBI single in the fourth inning.

"“I’m trying to have every at-bat I have be a quality at-bat,” Alvarez said. “I can go 0-4, but as long as I have four quality at-bats, I’m OK with it.”"

All of the articles last night talked about the work that Pedro still needs to do.  Apparently, Indianapolis is the only place where that work can get done.  So how much longer will Pedro Watch continue? We don’t know, but like our friends at PensBlog with their valiant JagrWatch, Pedro Watch will continue until it doesn’t.  Jagr Watch turned out badly-Pedro Watch won’t.

We won’t stop until El Toro gets back in a Buccos uniform.

Yeh, yeh, yeh….of course, Pedro isn’t a pitcher. He won’t be able to keep the opposition from hitting balls over the fence. But he could at least retaliate which is something the Bucs haven’t been able to do for nearly a week. Losing 9-1 sucks.

It’s time for Pedro to come back home.  We won’t rest until it happens.

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