Pittsburgh Pirates Trade Rumors: Hear That? Prices Falling


The Pittsburgh Pirates

trade deadline approaches this weekend and the rumor mill is rampant. What we see happening with most of the targets buzzing around Pittsburgh is that the prices are coming down.

Check out a few of the recent action on a few major players getting buzz in Pittsburgh.  The Pirates were looking in the Rockies organization according to reports.

Jason Giambi was a hot topic until Giambi injured his left quad last night.  It could have an impact on any trade as he might be placed on the DL.  Either way, it could impact Neal Huntington and the Pirates interest in the slugger.

Also, the Bucs have cooled on Chris Iannetta according to reports in the Denver Post.

In regards to Carlos Beltran, Joel Sherman explains that a source told him elite prospects (top 40 in baseball) won’t be going in the Mets direction.   Could this bring the Bucs back into the mix?   Hell, why not?  But the Giants seem to be in the driver’s seat if you listen to some of the twitter hype.

Carlos Pena isn’t so hot after all?   The Cubs think he could clear waivers?  WOW.  Jayson Stark has all the scoop in the article below.