Pittsburgh Pirates Caffeine


Matt Hague

got some hometown paper love.  How great would it be to see Hague hang around Derrek Lee later in the year?

Fifth-rounder Tyler Glasnow was signed yesterday by the Pittsburgh Pirates. He got a $550,000 bonus. Glasnow has added ten mph to his fastball over the past two years. Oh yeh, he’s 6’7″ too. The Bucs also signed seventh-rounder Jake Burnette from Buford HS in Georgia. It’s all about pitching.


"”They’ve got pitching and young talent,” Alfonso Soriano said.  ”A couple of years ago in our division, you had to beat only one team — St. Louis.  Now every team in the division is getting stronger. Every year they’re getting stronger. Every year it’s getting harder for us to get to the playoffs, because if we stay with the same kind of the same team, we can get a little bit better, but those guys, they get better every year, too.”"


James McDonald goes tonight.  Damn, he has pitched well.  He’s been an exception.  The amount of wear and tear on his arm doesn’t seem to have fazed the right hander.

Everyone knows, the big question moving forward is pitching.  We can’t help but think the Bucs are working the waiver wire.  Somebody is out there right now who can help this Pirates staff.  Sorry, but I’m not buying Brad Lincoln unless it’s in very small doses.


I hope one of the veterans provide some of that clubhouse leadership that was discussed religiously at the trade deadline.  Pull a massive prank.  Loosen these guys up.  We haven’t seen too many smiles around the diamond as we did earlier in the season.

I guess it doesn’t help when the owner’s first question on the game telecast to a mic’d up Nick Leyva was ‘are you going to get it turned around?’  I wish Leyva would have said, hell no, Bob we’re fucked.

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Cool tweet from Hanrahan last night.  The guy is a leader.