Pittsburgh Pirates Drop Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine….


The Pittsburgh Pirates lost their ninth

straight game in front a full house at PNC Park. The team is now nine games back of the Brewers.  Yeh, number nine sucks….

It all went down last night in front of the 14th sellout of the season, the most since 2001 when PNC Park opened with some great promises.

One of those promises didn’t include the following fact:  San Diego considers PNC home turf.  The Friars have never lost a series at PNC.  Ever.

This loss was dramatic.   Another ten run affair. The Padres crushed the Pirates 13-2.  In two games, San Diego has nearly matched their offensive runs scored from April.

But the ninth straight loss was disturbing.  Nearly as bad as watching Pirates outfielder Xavier Paul warm up in the bullpen with the Bucs down eleven runs….

I guess we could say we saw this coming tonight.  At about the time Greg Brown bid adeu to Train singer Patrick Monahan, before the final out of the inning we remind you, the jinx was on.

"‘We fully anticipate Paul Maholm retiring the pitcher,…..’ Pirates announcer Greg Brown, seconds before the beat down began…."

Ahh, it was classic, heart breaking jinx city….

The rout was on.  All Patrick Monahan could do was mutter something about being at PNC Park before for a Steelers game…oh, shit, we should have known.  He inspired Charlie Sheen.  Shit.

Patrick Monahan’s song made Charlie lose his mind.  His being in the booth caused another rip our heart out loss.  Can the baseball park just be a baseball park again?

Not that great baseball is being played right now, but they’re still our Pirates.  Even if Clint Hurdle continues to mesmorize fans with his decisions.  The use of relievers was once again interesting as at one point, it was “only” 5-1.  But anyway, the big blast came off the bat of Kyle Blanks who lasered a grand slam off King Chris Resop.  It was the second slam of the season for San Diego.  The first one came off the bat of Chase Headly…… last night.  The line drive blast made it 11-1 in favor of the Friars.

The boos cascaded from heartbroken Pirates fans.

The hollow, answerless eyes of Hurdle were mesmorizing.  The performance by some of his players was more of the same.

The boos continued for most of the game.  So much for Drops of Jupiter…the Pirates played like smelly Uranus.  Again.

Padres starter Cory Luebke  was the latest opposing pitcher to set a career-high with nine strike outs.  He allowed one Bucco run on five hits over seven innings. The rookie continued another streak by opposing pitchers with two base hits.  So we can’t understand why Greg Brown would fully anticipate anything…..with the opposing pitcher coming to the plate.

I miss winning.

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