It’s Over! Pirates Drop Champs, End Skid


It was the start

we all dreamt about when Charlie Morton took the mound at chilly AT&T Park. The Pittsburgh Pirates starter only needed eight pitches to set down the San Francisco Giants and Morton walked confidently back to the dugout with a 2-0 lead.

The Bucs struckout three times in the top of the first, but thanks to back-to-back doubles from red hot Garrett Jones and hometown Neil Walker and a single from Ryan Ludwick the Pirates had given Morton a two run cushion.

It would be all Electric Stuff would need.

Morton would no hit the Giants right handed batters. The lefties, well that was a different story.

Since the All-Star break, Morton has allowed only five hits against right handed batters which is second best in Major League Baseball.   It comes to an .085 batting average against.

The left handed hitters have stroked 24 hits in 52 at-bats, which is second worst, a .462 batting average against.  (Hat tip to @Lapic)

[We broke it down–but due to some nasty issues it, along with some photoshops keep getting devoured by the wordpress machine/the site/and/or some other bullshit we are having major issues..]

So here it is in layman’s terms, Morton isn’t throwing inside to left handed batters.  Watch his next start.  Do you recall how many left handed hitters Morton has hit this season?  How about comparing that to right handed batters?  Pay attention to lineups he will face coming up, teams have to adjust because Morton is on a scoreless streak from hell.  The big question will be can Morton fix his mental block against left handers?  We think he can.  If you tivo’d the game watch his pitch selection against left handers as the game wore on.

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