Rod Scurry’s Nasty Curveball


The Pittsburgh drug

trials were a black eye for the city of Pittsburgh.  But it’s still interesting as hell.  Some of the footage from the HBO Sports videos are just tremendous.  Kevin Koch, the original Pirate Parrot, in a Phil Garner jersey, the signature moves Koch created as the Parrot, the bell bottoms, Dale Berra….it’s all just unreal.

We wrote about the Pittsburgh drug trials after reading Cocaine Seven last year. The book was very addictive and while not perfect, it does conjure up some remarkable stories.  Most of them come from an amateur photographer named Dale Shiffman, who took the fall when the Parrot wore a wire to send him to prison as the fall guy for numerous Major League Baseball players.

Here was what we wrote:

The book can’t show you one thing, though.  It tells you a few horrifying stories of a cocaine-loving Rod Scurry, but it fails to show you just how impressive a Rod Scurry curveball really was. Damn. What a talent. The 11th overall pick in 1974 reached the majors in 1980.  Twelve years later he was gone.

The Scurry curveball is at the 5:20 mark…(desperately need a gif) and it’s definitely not even the best curveball we saw from Scurry.

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