Pittsburgh Pirates Caffeine: Looking Back at Brewers Beat Downs


What doesn’t kill a man makes him stronger.

We’re pretty sure someone in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization said that.  Perhaps it was said after a recent beating from that team from Milwaukee.

The Pirates have unfinished business with the Brewers.  We are actually looking forward to this series more than any of the season.  The Brewers consume us.  Despise.  Them.  Can’t. Wait.

The Steelers will be on Tivo.  Tomorrow night will be Buc night.

To understand where we come from on this, you need to take a look back at recent history of this series. Is there any reason to be optimistic?  We had to look deep, but there definently is reason to believe.

Taking a look at the series, maybe the Brewers arms hurt from bashing during their hot streak?  Perhaps the loss to the Cardinals yesterday will start a tailspin?

The big question is can you imagine if the Bucs were closer in this NL Central race?  It’s a damn shame they aren’t.  But maybe the ratings would be different with the Steelers and Bucs both in action.

Ah, what the hell, enough with the stalling.

Read ’em and weap. We will start with an old post of what we think of when we think about the Brewers. If you don’t watch True Blood, move along. And what the hell is wrong with you?

The Bucs turned a Greinke no hitter into a 50-pitch fifth inning. It wasn’t enough.

Check it out! Back on May 15th after the Brewers swept the Bucs nobody on the Pirates was hitting over .300.

Correia was cruising with a one-hitter…a freaking one hitter!!!

And finally the one that we will never forget. Yeh, we were fucking there. Vampires suck.

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