Baseball is Easy for the Brewers


Coming into the

Pittsburgh Pirates game Friday night against the Milwaukee Brewers, OF Ryan Braun was sixth in the NL in on base percentage, tied for fourth in slugging with a .566, third in home batting average, and sixth in RBI.

Coming into the game, Brewers 1B Prince Fielder was third in the NL in on base percentage, fourth in slugging with a .566, fourth in home batting average, and second in RBI.

Facing Braun and Fielder sounds like the perfect job for one of the worst Pirates relievers in the eighth inning doesn’t it?

We can’t blame it all on Clint Hurdle.  Sure a 4-2 game should be kept as close to the score of 4-2 as possible.  Every time.  All the time.  But maybe the strategic side of  baseball is just too complicated for Hurdle to understand.  Maybe he overthinks it.  Maybe he goes with his gut too much always savinng players for a rainy day.  It’s just a shame lately that the rain never comes.

But yes, most of the responsiblity must be placed on the relief pitcher that was selected by Hurdle to get the job done.  Joe Beimel has been awful.  Joe Beimel continued to be awful.

Hurdle went to Beimel for some reason, and for the same reason as he has throughout the season, Beimel didn’t deliver.  He doesn’t get it done.  Braun hit a bomb.  5-2.  Fielder hit a repeat.  6-2 Brewers.  The Crew added another off Jose Veras to set it at 7-2.

The Brewers played like they were on a mission.  Two Brewers ran out infield singles– one named Fielder, one named K-Rod.  Save your hatred of the Brewers for a moment.  They beat the shit out of the Pirates because they focus.  They play the game with passion.  If the Pirates don’t realize the Brewers are on a mission, a mission to make the Pirates look like their bitch, someone should send a memo.

It was all just easy for Milwaukee.  It was a laugher.

And the most disturbing part was the Pirates just let the Brewers laugh.  Nothing was done with the final three outs in the ninth and more importantly, nothing was done in the eighth inning after those huge bombs by the Brewers best two offensive players.  Milwaukee had a great time laughing at the Pirates.  It’s not new.  In fact, it’s just old.  Very old.

The Brewers made a 4-2 game a 6-2 game without as little as a fight from the Bucs.  Shouldn’t the Pirates be the team playing with focus, with passion and not letting K-Rod get his first major league hit?  Shouldn’t the Bucs be able to throw out Prince Fielder on an infield hit?

The Brew Crew had a blast last night.

It doesn’t take a lot to show me some heart.  Especially when a team is laughing at you.  Not with you.  At you.

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