Is No News Good News for Witching Hour of Pittsburgh Pirates Draft Day


The Pittsburgh Pirates

have about one hour to go until the deadline.  It’s scary quiet on Josh Bell.  We thought for certain right now that there would have been reports of the Pirates signing numerous mid level draft picks.  There have been few rumblings on some of the other draft picks being in the mix, like Joel Bennett and Jordean Dunatov as we discussed earlier today.

But no news on those picks is actually good news for the odds on Bell.  Well, that’s the way our peeps are reading it at least.

We are rather shocked, but that is good news for Pirates fans.  If Bell was going to college, he would have come out now and said it.  He’s waiting for the can’t miss offer from the Bucs.  We have heard that the Pirates are making a push.

I wish there was more news on this front.  It’s super top secret and it’s weird as hell.

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