Ten-for-Ten Pittsburgh Pirates Ink Gerrit Cole and Josh Bell


The Pittsburgh Pirates shocked some in the baseball world tonight.

There was just too much smoke and apparently, Josh Bell didn’t want to have his Mom drop him off a block early at the University of Texas.  (Read our draft day post)

The Bucs signed first overall pick Gerrit Cole, and their second round pick Josh Bell.  Both were signed to minor league deals and certainly the money that was invested is some kind of record.  It has to be.

Cole got stroked $8 million according to several sources.  We know that is a record as Stephen Strasburg got $500,000 less last season when the Nationals made him their pick.  But according to reports second pick U. Va LHP Danny Hultzen got $10 million so that would be the new record.

The Bucs pissed off The University of Texas once again when they signed the ‘unsignable’ Josh Bell for $5 million. The Bucs called the bluff. Bottom line.

For a major league team to sign ten of their top top ten draft picks is something that isn’t new.  But the Pirates were agressive in their picks.  They reached when every single other team wouldn’t.

And that is a testament to the confidence Frank Coonelly and Neal Huntington have in their abilities.  Kudos to those men tonight.  Kudos to each of the ten players signed by the Pirates.

But most importantly, kudos to the Pirates fans for showing support in the team this season.  It’s damn easy to throw darts at the Pittsburgh Pirates.  It’s damn hard to show patience and believe.

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The most interesting, and frustrating part of this draft was how tight lipped everyone was. Heh, it worked. Here was our take earlier today….

I got nothing but time….

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