Cardinals Tee Up Pirates Pitching


Every Pirates fan was thinking

sweep.  Then the Cardinals came to the plate.

After the Pirates got smoked, Clint Hurdle said, that the team will have an off day tomorrow which will give us a chance to “look at some tape…” (on Paul Maholm.)

We never claim to be much more than an asshole and it seems rather easy to see that one of the issues Maholm is having is he’s leaving balls up in the zone.  Hurdle even said he was in a hurry.

Sorry, there is no need to look at tape on Maholm, Clint, just let him go play golf tomorrow.  It might be the last round he plays at the Fox Chapel GC.

We’re pretty sure Maholm will tweet about how great his score is, it’s just a damn shame he can’t tweet about a solid pitching outing, especially after the left hander had such an outstanding first half of the season.

What somebody should be looking at is why the hell Brad Lincoln still doesn’t have movement on his fastball, throws the curveball enough to make his arm fall off,  and trusts his changeup about as much as any golfer trusts a two iron.

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