Billboards, Most Valuable Blog Voting, and RumBunter Did What?


So you’ve probably noticed we haven’t been posting as much recently on RumBunter.  We have some bad news.

We aren’t going anywhere.  Sorry if you thought we were vanishing.  There is good reason why posts have been down on the site.  We bought a liquor license or something like that…I think.  It’s a six pack shack/bottle shop/diner/art studio/money pit we ain’t sure yet.

We will have some of the details as things move along toward our grand re-opening.  There will be plenty of photoshops to check out if you’re brave enough to enter the joint and some sports memorabila that we have collected, but mainly there will be beer.  Lots. of.  Beer.

On that note, this video is cool….check it out

We are going to do some crazy shit like this too….!

It’s also cool we were nominated in the CBS Pittsburgh’s Most Valuable Blog competition. Thank you for taking the time to do this, we are humbled.  Ok, now go vote for your favorite blog at the link below… we have beer to stock.

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