Pittsburgh Pirates Blasted 11-4 by Milwaukee Brewers


Seriously………., Marco Estrada? We just

got back from an awful performance at the State College Spikes game to witness this? Not only does the guy shut down the Bucs allowing just two runs in seven, but he also gets down all three sac bunts too?

Clint Hurdle has a huge target on this guy.

What? Nyjer Morgan too? Four hits. Four? The Brewers matched the seven spot the Bucs put up last night, by lighting up the second inning with seven of their own of Ross Not So Boss Ohlendorf. Sigh.

Maybe instead of DFAing Joe Beimel today, the Pirates should have just let him start the game? No, wait, that’s a really bad idea.

Holy hell, this game actually should have been worse. The Brew Crew loaded them in the fourth inning as well, but didn’t score.

A meaningless blast from Josh Harrison was sort of nice to see.

Let’s not forget that this Brewers team has really made a turn this year. They currently have 16 more wins than they had achieved at this same time last season. Crazy shit. They could actually win 95-97 games at this nonsensical pace.

God that will be painful to watch.

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