Type ‘Pirates Take On Astros’ Into LinkBait Generator, Sit Back, and Laugh


Most of the time during the season, we like to do a preview of what is coming up for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Well, it’s the Pirates and Astros series… again.  So here

is the preview, Hunter Pence won’t be in the lineup for Houston tonight.  Enjoy it.

So, in a series like this it’s really difficult to get any momentum for something to make you guys laugh a little bit.  So when we run short of ideas from our brain, usually around the beginning of Steelers season, we pay attention to funny people, funny tweeters, and the like.

This morning, we saw a cool site called LinkBait Generator.  We haven’t left Mom’s basement since.

We typed in “Pirates Take On Astros Tonight” and the following was spit out by the Generator:

Five Ways Pirates Astros is the New Financial Global Financial Crisis

We did it again with the following:  Astros Host Free-Falling Pirates and this came out:

Five BS Facts Astros Hosting Free-Falling Pirates That Everyone Thinks Are True

and because that sucked we tried this:  Ohlendorf Takes Ball for Opener Against Astros and got this:

Why Ohlendorf Takes Ball for Astros Opener Sucks:  Myth vs Reality.

Since there is no myth to it, we believe it just sucks.

Since Wandy Rodriguez is pitching for Houston, we typed: Why Yankees Didn’t Trade for Wandy Rodriguez and we got:

Nine Ways that Yankees Not Trading for Wandy Rodriguez Will Help a Sissy Person Survive Person.

Damn that’s good.  Enjoy it…!

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