Pirates Don’t Sweep the Leg of the Astros


The Pittsburgh Pirates

didn’t sweep the leg. Not even close. Danielson won. Just like the movie. Well, I think it’s like the movie, it’s been a long time.

The Astros are the worst team in baseball.  Someone send a memo.  Kick a chair something.

Houston starter Brett Myers hadn’t won a game in three months.  Now that’s memo worthy.

The Bucs had some chances despite looking like shit at the plate for most of the night.  In the eighth the Bucs looked ready to take advantage of Houston’s mistakes and had two on and two out, but Garrett Jones flew out  against a left-handed pitcher.  Someone send Clint a memo about Jones and lefties please.

Neil Walker had two hits.  He got thrown out at second base in the second inning thus making Ryan Doumit’s subsequent


bomb a shoulda/woulda/coulda tied the game shot.  Someone send a memo about 27 outs.

Another quality start from Brad Lincoln was wasted.  Screw the memo.  Just take the damn series tomorrow please or it’s (officially) over…., because as RTJR said, we need to win out and the Brew Crew needs to lose out.  So there IS still a chance.

Start saving for playoff tickets, a miracle is about to happen.

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The injuries keep piling up as Jose Tabata has a broken bone in his hand.