Pittsburgh Pirates: Hey Nineteen!


Way back when, in 1992….

Nineteen years later.  No, we got nothing in common.  Please take us along as you slide on down.
The lines just ring so true.  Damn this sucks.

Surely, the Pittsburgh Pirates losing streak will end one day. But until then…wallow in some Steely Dan.

Yeah, you probably have never heard of them, you young bastards. But this was a song about drinking, doing drugs, having sex…and losing.

But things are a changing.  It just seems to take so damn long.  No it’s definently been a long time.

If only there were enough time in the day to dub a Pirates’ “David Littlefield’s low-lights” video over this masterpiece…


In the upcoming hours, the Pittsburgh Pirates will do the unimaginable. After the insane start to this 2011 season…..

After playing their asses off, and landing on the cover of the USA Today…

after falling from first place faster than Satan fell from Heaven…our Pittsburgh Pirates are on the brink of once again having a losing season.

I despise ten game losing streaks to MLB bottom feeders.

I despise free agency.

How about a ten game winning streak?  Or better yet, how about winning out?

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We know a lot of people will be going to the game tonight. Be sure and rock one of these beauties.   Stop the streak.