Pirates Caffeine: Bored Maholm Makes Videos, Marathon, and Pelvic Thrusts


Pittsburgh Pirates left hander Paul Maholm

might have pitched his last game as a Pirate. Especially when one considers that in his last seven starts, Maholm allowed eight hits, seven hits, ten hits, six hits, nine hits, ten hits, and nine hits.

The Pirates lost all seven of those games.   Maholm pitched just 42.2 innings, and allowed 59 hits and 26 earned runs.

So now it seems that ‘someone’ is reflecting on the past and making Paul Maholm videos.

Heh, it’s cool to see him striking some batters out. It just sucks that it looks like a season long compilation.

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Certainly, Major League Baseball could have taken the time to help out Frank Coonelly, the request from the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Pittsburgh Marathon. It’s a damn shame, really, that more couldn’t be done because the finish line on the North Shore is perfect.

The organizers will revamp the finish line – we are very confident in their ability. It’s just a damn shame they have to even worry about it.

This is pretty funny shit….

It’s hard to imagine that Jeff Locke has never left the Eastern time zone.

It’s mind boggling, actually. But anyway, here is some hometown love for Locke that even gives the names of Jeff’s Mom and Dad.