Pittsburgh Pirates Caffeine: Kyle McPherson, Gerrit Cole, and Mr Ed Was Not Cocktails



might have heard that Cocktailsfor2, the co-host of the RumBunter Podcast went to the Brewers game the other night. But don’t get confused. Most everyone knows we love a person that gets into a costume at a sporting event. But the guy with the Mr Ed head was not, we say again, was not Cocktails.

But it’s nice you honored the mascot code Mr. Ed


Kyle McPherson has been a friend of RumBunter since 2009. His grind through the Pirates minor league system is a feel good story that leaves most everyone that takes the time to understand it feeling good about his chances at contributing on a big league level one day soon.

Kyle McPherson will be on a RumBunter podcast which will be up on this site shortly.  It’s one you won’t want to miss either.  Most of us thought Kyle would be working on his tan somewhere in the Caribbean after such a great season.

Uh…no.  He’s working with..well, just wait until you hear him explain it.


Tim Williams of Pirates Prospects keeps working hard in Bradenton. Here is a video of Gerrit Cole beaning the batting dummy…and then retrieving his own baseball. Take that rookie.


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