Ouch! Morton Recovering from Hip Surgery


We never knew,

but we saw Charlie Morton display toughness throughout the 2011 season. He played through some pain. Now, we are about to see how quickly Charlie Morton can recover from surgery. Some players bounce back quickly, others not so well.

The big news yesterday was that Morton underwent surgery on his left hip.

"Dr. Thomas Byrd performed the surgery in Nashville, Tenn., and told Morton that the recovery window can be as little as four months. Morton said he’s hopeful that his recovery time will fall in the lower part of that four-to-six-month range"

Much has been said about Morton’s mental strengths and weaknesses; now we will see if he can become an off-season workout beast.

Of course, it is entirely too early too predict how Morton will recover from surgery, but this will be another off-season consideration for the bad luck Bucs.

You’re a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, so you completely understand.  It seems the Pirates never have much consistent positive news regarding their talent.   It seems a bit surprising to us that if the Pirates knew Morton had this injury they would be willing to send him to the mound long after the games were more about the future than the present.

Did making those last few starts really need to happen if Morton was suffering so badly?  Maybe – just maybe – he could have been shut down early and sent out for the surgery, to give him a little more breathing room to get ready for spring… But heh, I’m not a doctor. And I didn’t sleep in a fancy hotel last night, either. I’m just a guy trying to make sense of all of this madness.

But, anyway, other MLB players have had the surgery: