My Pittsburgh Pirates All-You-Can-Eat Seats Nightmare


Remember that epic battle between Pittsburgh Pirates fans in the All-You-Can-Eat Seats during the Milwaukee Brewers double header last year?

Tom, Baron, and Don just kept on eating.  Root Sports even had their battle as the text question during the game coverage.  We voted for Baron.  The entire contest was funny as hell.

My dream last night wasn’t.  We will spare you the gory details.

Golden Corral has been promoting the hell out of this freaking Chocolate Wonderfall so much, that maybe that’s the reason that I dreamt about it.  Or maybe it’s because when these chocolate fountains are done at weddings it ends up being a gross mess.  The fountain usually ends up clogged.  It’s probably due to the  germ ridden hands of toddlers that such an amazing structure like a chocolate wonderfall attracts.

We bet it’s a big hit and people at The Golden Corral enjoy it.

But when we told a co-worker about the dream, she pulled up this wild dream interpretation site.

It must be like the Bucs offseason we reasoned.  However wonderful a chocolate waterfall looks, Pirates fans can’t enjoy it.  Sort of like how nothing good ever really comes from the free agent market for the Bucs.

Who really knows the interpretation of such a dumb dream.

Anyway, I dreamt that Bob Nutting added a chocolate wonderfall to the All-You-Can-Eat-Seats in my usually nightmare filled dreams last night.

Swear to God.  And I didn’t even get to enjoy a chocolate covered rice krispie.