Pittsburgh Pirates GM Neal Huntington: “We Have Some Money To Spend.”


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We here at Rumbunter Media Enterprises ™ , in the process of assuming command of the entire planet, are nothing if not timely – when you want it… when you need it, we give it to you!!! We spoke Tuesday with our Favorite Guest, Pirates’ General Manager Neal Huntington, about the Doumit/Snyder/Maholm/Cedeño decisions, the impending FA market, and, yes – Halloween!

Neal on Ronny Cedeño:  “Not gonna be an easy replacement, but it was a shot that we thought was worth taking.”

On catching: “We’re going to take a look at the Free Agent market…” (see Barajas, Rod)

And MUCH, MUCH more!

Not to mention our second guest: the lovely and erudite Kristy Robinson of OVA Athletics , who talks about her first year covering the Big Team; the transition from the blogosphere, and how freakin’ cold it is out on her balcony…

You can download Episode X, as well as Episodes 1 thru 9 at the above link.

It’s timely, and it’s free. The best Pirates’ podcast anywhere. How can you beat that?

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