New MLB CBA Spells Doom for Young Athletes, Pirates Fans


Remember when the Pirates spent huge cash

to sign Josh Bell?

Remember when they signed all of those high school pitchers and created a minor league multimillion dollar rotation in hopes that one day, a pitcher or two could put it all together and make the majors?

The days of creative front office teams that have less revenue than the big boys exploiting baseball’s draft system seem over.

No, let’s just say it. It’s over.

The perceived best baseball player will be taken with the first pick, ho-hum style just like most every other professional sports league.

Should the Pirates choose to ever do creative things in the draft, they could lose up to two first-round draft picks. But check this out, six picks will be given out after the first round to the MLB poor. Now that is just hilariously insane.  Shame on the MLBPA.

Yeh, the world we knew as Pittsburgh Pirates fans is a thing of the past. Well except the losing part, because it might take a major change for the Bucs to overcome this targeted new MLB agreement/bullet at teams like Pittsburgh.

At first glance this makes all the sense in the world for the owners, and some of the more veteran players.  In the long term, this should be alright, but for the immediate future, this isn’t something we like in the least.  The big losers will be players like Robbie Grossman, Josh Bell, and you fill in the blank with your favorite.

Damn this shit is disgusting.

(We can’t link appropriately/easy, but)  Pirates President Frank Coonelly discussed a number of things with several bloggers a few months ago.  Many questions came up about this forthcoming, at the time, new CBA. He also discusses the signing period which the new CBA has moved up from August 15 to July which is a great idea.