Nick Evans Escapes New York Signs with Pirates


Nick Evans has signed a minor league deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates.


Evans is a fan favorite. From what we understand it’s due to his work ethic.

Let’s trust it can be more about performance in his time with the Pirates. We did discover he came within a game of breaking the International League hitting streak record with an 18-game hit streak for Buffalo. We understand all he has done is hit from this article that includes this quote from Terry Collins:

"“All he’s done is hit,” Collins said, referring to Evans’ minor league career. “He’s hit his whole career. The one thing he hasn’t had an opportunity to do is be an everyday player in the big leagues and see if he can hit here. So as we were getting into this, and we knew we wanted to put Lucas in the outfield, we said, ‘Well, we’ve got a guy on this bench that can produce some runs. He’s done it in the minor leagues. He hits homers. Let’s see what he can do.’ Right now there’s an opportunity.”"

We will try to get some more for you as we dig it up.

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