The Rumbunter Podcast: Let’s talk about the Pittsburgh Pirates


An even dozen. Phew.

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The Rumbunter Podcast (Vol. 1 Ep.12)

Right after Thanksgiving, we settled back in the studio and spent some quality time with friend of the program Kipper, he of the very fine Pittsburgh Sports Tavern – one of our very favorite websites. We talked about the Pirates – player acquisitions and possible future moves, about honesty in forum posting, about past and upcoming editions of The Gathering,  and Kipper’s need to find an available bass player  – so if you are in the Pittsburgh area, and looking for a gig, make sure to go to PST and leave word with him.

We also announce a new contest – an easier one, since nobody was able to answer the last trivia question correctly (We admit the question might have been a teensy bit on the obscure side) . Leave your answer in the comments of this post (Comments will be screened to prevent copycats and cheaters – not that any of you would do that, but hey…), and we’ll select a winner at random from among the correct answers.

You can download Episode 12, as well as Episodes 1 thru 11 at the above link.

It’s timely. It’s free. It’s the best Pirates’ podcast you can find anywhere. How can you beat that? You can’t.


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