Derrek Lee Declines Arbitration from the Pittsburgh Pirates


First baseman

Derrek Lee said no thanks to the Pittsburgh Pirates’ arbitration offer. The Bucs had to feel that one coming as Lee said he was going to let Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder sign a deal before he moved forward.

Pardon us if we cut this short, we have some partying to do.  Derrek Lee is not the answer for the 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates.  Bob Nutting was pacing the floor until midnight, but we bet he is smiling this morning, and so are we.  That doesn’t happen very often.

It only makes sense for Lee and it allows the Pirates to be released from the hostage situation. The Pirates will be able to receive one compensation pick in the 2012 draft for losing Lee. The selection will fall between the first and second rounds.

The Bucs are likely to try and still land Lee, but it’s sort of like that hot special someone who you always dreamed about going out with. Sure she hung out with you that one time when she didn’t have a choice, but when there are other choices, you simply didn’t get the call did you?  It’s going to work out that with Derrek Lee, sorry if that upsets you sweetheart.

Neal Huntington mentioning that he will stay in contact with Lee is just about as frustrating as chasing after that special someone, but it hits at the heart of what the Pirates are missing from their lineup in 2012.

So as of today, the 1B looks like Garrett Jones will get a shot along with a possible platoon player the likes of Baltimore Orioles 2011 Camp Champ Jake Fox or maybe solid small sample size defender Nick Evans.