Class-Act Casey McGehee Rightfully Bittersweet on Trade to Pirates


The Pirates

picked up Casey McGehee from the Brewers in what we described as a good deal for the Bucs.  But more than that, they picked up a good guy. After reading his reaction to the trade and some details surrounding his departure from Milwaukee and his personal life,  it seems like an even better deal for the black and gold.

I’m an obvious sucker for what is perceived as a good character guy so I’m tainted in that regard.

But it’s also obvious the Pirates feel he can still play and McGehee has been told if he can play like the Pirates feel he can play, he will be on the ball diamond.  The Bucs told the Santia Cruz native they wouldn’t be able to tell him where on the field that would be, but it’s clear the guy who is from one of my favorite surfing spots on the planet, will play if he hits.

After reading the article below, it’s hard not to characterize McGehee as a good guy.  He will be moving to a new town with a son who has CP.  Taking him out of the support group he has in Milwaukee won’t be easy.  He also jokes about Aramis Ramirez continuing to showup wherever he is.

It’s hard not to think McGehee is a good guy after reading his reaction to being traded to a team with 19-consecutive losing seasons.  It’s easy to cheer for a player that would say this on his way out of town:

"“I’m not oblivious to the fact that there is a group of people that is probably jumping up and down at the news that I’m not going to be a Brewer anymore,” he said. “That’s fine. That’s their opinion, and there’s no hard feelings toward them.“I guess the big thing I want to get across is 99 percent of the people I’ve come across in Milwaukee have been great to me and my family. I’m proud to say I was a part of what went on there, especially last year, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I owe a lot to the Brewers organization and their fans.”McGehee then became choked up before continuing."

Honest quotes like that makes me respect McGehee more than a player like Nate McLouth who made pretty dickish comments after the Pirates traded him.

I’m looking forward to cheering for McGehee.  If you read this, I would bet you will be too.  Spring Training can’t come fast enough.