Pirates Interview: Chris Resop Likes Sushi


The Pittsburgh Pirates

allowed several bloggers to conduct interviews during PirateFest tonight. On hand were  Charlie and Vlad from Bucs Dugout, Brian from Raise the Jolly Roger, Kevin and Matt from Pirates Prospects and rookie of the week Jon from McEffect and RumBunter fame.

We have the interview questions with Chris Resop for you below. Oh yeh, by the way, Resop has a casual, confident air that might not come through on this interview.  When he talks about throwing a fastball, it’s easy to tell that he really enjoys–throwing a fastball.

It’s not difficult to describe Resop.  He looks you directly in the eye all the while Resop portrays two strong character traits we love in Pittsburgh.

Humble.  Hungry. (Not the sushi hunger either)

Those are great traits in a reliever.


Resop answers a question from Kevin about his desire to become a starter.

Resop talks about being tendered by the Pirates, his time in Atlanta and liking sushi.

Resop discusses being beat to death by singles and his leadoff hitter practicing fouling off pitches.

Resop discusses the challenges he faced including baseballs, mound regulations, field conditions and playing with Ryan Vogelsong.