Did the Pirates Hire the Right Scout?


We saw

the Pirates announced today that two new scouts had been hired.  There has been a bit of an underground buzz surrounding the Pirates changes in the scouting department for a while now.  Some guys were moved out, some others were being brought on board.

We’ve had some correspondence with numerous people about it, but didn’t think too much about it until today.

The Pirates announced that Phil Huttman and Jamie Brewington were hired today in a release.  We had heard about Huttman before during his time with the Tigers, but Brewington was a name that was new to us.

We went over to Baseball Reference and saw that Brewington had spent some time in the big leagues.  That’s always helpful, we saw he has some videos at Protege Sports, and then we saw something quite disturbing.

We saw this posting from allvoices.

We then went as mentioned to another site where we were surprised at what we found.  A person posting under the name mydadsucks had some very personal comments.

We followed the mention of the Marcicopa Court that mydadsucks made.

Sure enough it lead us to the links you will find below.  A few cases of Jamie C Brewington that have matching birthdates were found by our research team.  The cases  arent anything that any of us would  be proud about having on our record especially when one views the litany of cases Brewington is reportedly facing, or has faced in this extensive family court list.  (Enter Brewington, Jamie and this is the case that comes up)

Let’s trust this is resolved or is being resolved immediately.  Surely someone that is smarter than we are checked out the background on a scout that will be in charge of such an important region for the Pittsburgh Pirates.



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