Pirates Need Pitching Mojo, Sign Jo-Jo Reyes


Jo-Jo Reyes.  Now, this will be interesting.

We wrote a post that the Pirates need to continue looking for pitching, citing a source that proved it can provide a serious value.

We made a photoshop of dumpster diving.

The Bucs reach a deal with Jo Jo Reyes on a minor league deal.

Now, if this somehow works out, it could be the definition of value.

Reyes earned a win on June 13, 2008.  It took until May 30, 2011 until he earned another one.    In between, the lefty was 0-13 with a 6.59 ERA in 28 starts.

Of course, we really don’t care about a pitcher’s win or loss totals.  We’ve become immune to it after seeing plenty of tough luck (and plenty of just plain shitty) pitchers in Pittsburgh to realize the statistic can be misleading.   Especially when you consider some of the God-awful lineups the Pirates have trotted out in support of their starters.

For the best description of the “streak” Reyes set, click this link from Joe Pasnanski.  You might like it.  I loved it.

Maybe somebody sees something in this signing (LH/RH splits)? He did add a nice cutter to his arsenal, as Mat at Jays Journal wrote last year.  Mat also added this at the mid-way mark in the season when evalutating the Blue Jays rotation:

The Bucs got him on a minor league dea,l we understand, which is infinitely better than paying for another Joe Beimel.  If the team can add depth – with insanely low risk – hell, why not?  Somebody in the Pirates organization sees something they can fix in this left hander.

Maybe Reyes can find it.  Maybe he can challenge for a lefty reliever spot in spring training.  Maybe we will  win the lottery too.

At least Chris Resop played catch with him….well, tried to… watch Reyes launch balls into the stands. Hilarious.

Source: Jen Langosch