Pittsburgh Pirates Searching for Utility Middle Infielder Help


The Pittsburgh Pirates

spent a great deal of this offseason looking for utility infielders. They signed quite a few to various sorts of deals, plus they also have some young homegrown talent at AAA.  They allowed Pedro Ciriaco to walk away and sign with the Boston Red Sox.

The reasoning behind the team looking for middle infield help is baffling when looking at the current roster.  It seems like a pretty big sign that this roster might be more set than anyone wants to realize.

But maybe it’s just a small move, maybe it’s meant to send a message?

As we try to comprehend the reasoning behind it, maybe it’s the fact that someone wants to motivate Yamaico Navarro? Did he really look that bad this winter when he hit .265 in 83 at-bats over 24 games? He had 22 hits with just one going for extra bases, his 635 OPS isn’t impressive nor is his meager slugging this winter.

But perhaps his glove is the real question for the Bucs?  But in a bigger light does this mean the Pirates are questioning their own depth in the system?

Who knows, but we didn’t think there would be a need to tie up anymore of Bob’s cash on utility infielders even if it is Jeff Keppinger.  Obviously, there is an addicition we aren’t privy too.  It’s the only logical reasoning we can come up with right now.

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