Ronny Cedeno Close to Deal with Mets, Why We Will Miss Him


It’s hard to say goodbye

to Ronny Cedeno.  Seriously.  But we’re sure the bidding war is just too much for the Pirates bank account to handle.

Our big question is a selfish one.  It addresses the void left behind.  That one where our soul used to be.  Who will provide us entertainment in the 2012 season?

Who will paint on a mustache to be like the rest of the guys?  Neil Walker can grow a lip sweater overnight, but it would take Ronny weeks to create such a monster.  Did that stop him?  Hell no.

Who will clear the benches with the Brewers?  Sure a lot of us talk shit about the explosive Brew Crew, but who actually challenged them to their face, or well…their back.  Whatever.

Who will run the bases with the reckless abandon of a seven-year old?

Who will wear whatever jersey he damn well pleases?

Who will give himself the bunt sign with the bases loaded sending manager Clint Hurdle into a meltdown?

Damn, it’s hard when the most interesting man on your favorite ball club rolls out of town.  But you know what, so many more fans will be able to enjoy his play now.   And for that we hate you New York.

We could write more, but right now we’re just trying to stay strong, please say a prayer.

Cedeno to Mets

If only this article could have come true, wait…most of it did. I guess Ronny just needs set free, he’s simply too dangerous.