Andrew McCutchen Says Pittsburgh Pirates Front Office Added ‘A Lot’


Andrew McCutchen

did an interview today with 93.7 The Fan.  It’s bad.  It’s a;most comical listening to the starch-stiff Ron Cook interacting with the very loose Andrew McCutchen.  If this is what Pirates fans have to look forward to with the new Pirates radio contract, it’s going to be a loooong season.

What’s wrong with letting some of the more personable talent from The Fan interview McCutchen?  Chris Mueller would be the first person on our list.  Young. Smart. Thought-provoking.

But instead we get this:  Older.  Wiser.  Close-minded.

No thanks.

Cook is a writer.  A talented one, too.  But as an interviewer?  He leaves us flat.  Bob Pompeani is a great guy;  we aren’t thrilled with his Pirates coverage, but he does have a wealth of knowledge and we always tune in when he is on the air.

We digress.

It’s cool to listen to the energy of McCutchen talk about the upcoming season.  God help us, we can’t get off of it.  This should have been a great interview.  We have no idea what happened around the 2:45 mark.  Hilarious.

How many times does one of the most dynamic players in Major League Baseball have to say he is kidding with no reaction?

We’re trying to let it go, but the thought of this


being the Pirates coverage we’re going to get this season scares us.

Of course McCutchen had to answer the question of a contract extension — which seems to be a given when he does an interview. Bob Pompeani asked a solid question about the possible contract: whether it’s strictly about money or if it might be about the length of the deal.  Cutch said nothing is ever strictly about money, it’s about getting what’s right.

McCutchen talked about the  additions to the team, his poor second half in 2011, the even-keel presence of Clint Hurdle, and the subtraction of Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols from the NL Central division.