Blows Keep Coming for Pittsburgh Pirates Tony Sanchez


Sometimes one wonders

if Pittsburgh Pirates catching prospect Tony Sanchez keeps running into bad luck, or if bad luck keeps running into Tony Sanchez.  According to a report Sanchez ran into a combination of each a few months ago leading to a broken jaw.

The good news is that he appeared healthy in the recent mini-camp.  It makes us wonder if this led to the fact that the Pirates had Michael McKenry working diligently with Clint Hurdle this offseason while Sanchez was busy recuperating and pondering his decision making skills.

Maybe this was all a big mix-up, such situations typically boil down to a ‘wrong place, wrong time’  set of circumstances when an athlete is involved.  It would be interesting to at least hear Sanchez’s side of the story before we start throwing around insults.

But at the least we trust it’s a wake-up call.  And we also trust Sanchez got a few shots in too.