Bad News Keeps Coming for the Pirates


The bad news never seems to end for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  There isn’t anything positive about the news that  Pittsburgh Pirates President Frank Coonelly is facing charges for driving under the influence.

Coonelly did comment at length in the article on his actions, here is some of what he had to say.

"“My actions that evening were irresponsible and wrong,” Coonelly said in a statement. He arrived this morning in Bradenton, Fla., to join the Pirates at their spring training complex.“I take full and sole responsibility for them. There is no excuse for ever driving under the influence of alcohol.”"

We would surely think that at some point the Pirates will be able to go more than a few months without something negative happening to someone in the organization.  From number one draft picks fighting in bars to an incredible story of a stolen baby, poor decisions are made consistently leading to Deadspin story after Deadspin story.

We’re simply waiting for the day when it all ends for the Pirates–the losing and the drama.