Nick Evans Plays Third Base


Tom Smith, the life of, is down in Bradenton covering spring training and is doing a fantastic job. Unfortunately I’m at school studying for midterms, some guys have all the luck.

Anyways, Tom posted some pictures earlier today and one of them was of Nick Evans.

Yes, that’s Evans with the rest of the third basemen.

The man has played 112 big league games, 57 in the outfield and 53 at first base. That leaves 2 where he played third base (both were last year). He has played 53 of his 686 minor league games at third, so he has some extend of experience there.

Is he a big league caliber third baseman? Probably not. The good news is that he’s third on the major league depth chart for third basemen, at best. The versatility is nice to see. Obviously if Alvarez doesn’t perform, Casey McGehee is there to step in for him. But what happens if McGehee is awful too? Or one or both of them get hurt? Well Nick Evans could play third, and that’s a good guy to have.

I’ve written about Evans a few times, because I really like the guy. I think he has solid potential and at the age of 26 his best years are still ahead of him. He was a great pickup for the Pirates and could help this team in the future.