Video: Pirates Erik Bedard Throws Batting Practice


We were able to watch Erik Bedard

at Pirate City today. The left hander threw batting practice to Andrew McCutchen, Alex Presley, and Jose Tabata.

It appeared Bedard was struggling to find the plate at the beginning of the session. He threw all of his pitches and seemed fine after the first session as he walked over to get a drink out of the Gatorade cooler. He walked right past Wilber Miller, Tim Williams, and me.

We grabbed video, well we attempted to get it all on video, but as you will see we struggled a bit with traffic in front of us.

The only thing we noticed about Bedard is that he does wear a large knee brace on his left knee. He probably just needs a little bit of work, we missed his second “inning” of BP as we were getting video of other pitchers.

In the video below, Bedard pitches to Presley.

In the shortened video below, Bedard pitches to McCutchen. The view was blocked, but Cutch didn’t swing at a Bedard offering.

Jose Tabata did make contact with a few of Bedard’s pitches, and Bedard chased him off the plate before Bedard’s pitch count was used up.