Pirates Take on Phillies in Spring Training Action


The Philadelphia Phillies.

How we hate thee so – let us count the ways.

Nah, that’s a waste of time.  Here is a rather inexperienced Buccos lineup today.

The Pittsburgh Pirates take on the Philadelphia Phillies today. God, we hate Philly.  When we play the Phillies… their disgusting city can’t escape our mind.  Where else would a die hard fan offer… well, we run a squeaky clean site here…so we will turn this over to Justin at TBOH to remind you of the “greasy sex” tale that even Maury Povich wouldn’t touch.

One day the Phillies hatred that we hold deep in our heart will wane.  Maybe after they lose some of their clutchless players to free agency.  We will truly enjoy the day  that Cole Hamels is in pinstripes.    About as much as we enjoy watching the Phillies yearly playoff fail.

It’s true (you can read it in Justin’s funny article from today): the Phillies have  ‘blown’ it far more than they have won it.