Pittsburgh Pirates: What Coach Hurdle Said / The Rumbunter Podcast


“Already? But you just put one up last week?”

Yep – we told you that due to a spate of injuries and illnesses, the last Rumbunter Podcast™ was delayed in release, but we trust you enjoyed it nonetheless. We plan to be back on our every-other-week schedule of recording and releasing from here on out (“God willin’ and the creek don’t rise,” as the old saying goes), and promise to keep giving you the stuff you love – Pittsburgh Pirates’ players, coaches and the GM, the usual uncalled-for cursing from that idiot Cocktailsfor2, Smitty’s calming influence, and MVP Adam’s tight-as-a-drum production.

This Episode, we get the lowdown from 2011 Pitcher of the Year Kyle McPherson on what Clint Hurdle said in that meeting that woke the Bucs up and set the team on fire for a few days (holy SH*T, this is great!!), how his Spring has been thus far (ALSO NOTE: we contacted Kyle after his missed start [dead arm symptoms] and he said, quote, “All is good.”), and which teammate has an apparently “backwards” tattoo…

Kyle McPherson should start 2012 in Indianapolis  (Cocktailsfor2 and MVP Adam certainly hope so — ROAD TRIP!!).

We also spend some quality time with our good and trusted  friend Wilbur T. Miller from Pirates Prospects talking about what he knows best – the minor leaguers – who’s hot, and where they expect to start (and maybe end) the 2012 season.


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