Erik Bedard Named Pirates Opening Day Starter


In what we would call a no-brainer, the Pittsburgh Pirates announced that the opening day starter would be Erik Bedard. The move seems to have caught Dejan Kovacevic off guard a bit.
He tweeted  today that he thought the Pirates would name Jeff Karstens the starter. [Note from Cocktailsfor2: That tweet has since been removed.]

If you look at the opening picture, at one time or another Karstens being named starter was his story title.  (The news must have come from a good source I would guess)  Now when you click on the most read link on the TribLive site that says Karstens will be the starter, it clicks to the story with the announcement of Bedard as the true opening day starter. God, the drama!

The news of Bedard as the starter seems blatantly obvious.  It is a solid move.  Bedard is the best pitcher.  It’s the move we would have made if we were so fortunate as to be in the position to make that call. Hell, we would try and get two starts out of him at PNC Park if we could!

We like Bedard. He is a solid pitcher. Now – if he simply stays healthy, it would be great.

But the interesting part of the story: we can’t help but wonder who thought Karstens would get the nod, and we wonder who crossed that person up? Ya know what, we really need to get some real baseball started–we are turning into a crime solving unit around these parts.

Throw out the first pitch already.